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The USB Converter

It is also suitable for the discontinued links Serial BrotherLink 2 and Serial BrotherLink 4.

It is not suitable for use with these discontinued links: SilverLink 1, SilverLink 2, and Superba electronic link.

Brother knitting machines and the PPD were not designed to connect to PCs, and operate at different voltage levels. The same applies to the Silver Reed PE1. As a result, not all commercially available USB to serial converters work with our cable links. Our current model was selected from a number of products from different manufacturers.

Please note that Soft Byte and its agents will not provide technical support for USB to serial converters that were purchased elsewhere.

A new model corrects a problem affecting some users of an older model with newer releases of Windows - for more information click here.

For updating the driver for an old or new USB to serial converter please click here.

The USB to Serial Converter has a USB-A type of connector and is suitable for the following serial links:

BrotherLink 1, BrotherLink 3, BrotherLink 5, E6000Link 1, E6000Link 2, E8000Link_1, E8000Link 2, ScreenLink and SilverLink 3.

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