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Original Pattern Drafting overview

This Raglan sweater was designed in Standard Garment Styling but may be opened in Original Pattern Drafting for some adjustments.

Method 1: create an original garment, starting with pieces made in Standard Garment Styling

Pieces can be arranged to help visualise how they will fit together.

Stitch patterns can be dragged exactly into position for each garment piece. The pattern repeats can be adjusted so that they continue as smoothly as possible from one piece to another.

Pieces may be also be cut into parts, turned for sideways or bias knitting, scaled evenly, or fitted to a certain width or length.

The finished neck Arrow Drawing a new neckline Arrow Planning the pattern repeats across the Raglan seam Arrow Raglan sweater Arrow Raglan sweater

Here a new neckline is being drawn.

A bodice from one garment and a skirt panel from another are joined together here to make a dress.

Integrated with stitch pattern Arrow Dress Arrow Top and skirt

Original Pattern Drafting

included in HandKnit, Machine Pro & Complete

DesignaKnit overview