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DK8 Video Tutorials - Stitch Designer

Sit back and enjoy a ride through some of the main features of Stitch Designer

If a media player is installed on your computer, you will be able to use the pause, rewind, and fast forward controls.

Please click on one tutorial button at a time. Allow some time for the tutorial file to be downloaded.

Designing stitch patterns for various hand and machine knitting techniques.

Stitch Designer

Create a Diamonds Fair Isle stitch pattern for a baby top.

Explore the buttons on the left tool bar.

Explore the buttons on the top tool bar.

Explore the Yarn Palette.

Create a baby blanket with a bear pattern.

Design a stitch pattern containing cables.

Explore the TrueType font of knitting symbols.

Place a single motif onto a garment piece.

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Single Motif Cables Diamonds Baby Blanket Left Tool Bar Top Tool Bar Yarn Palette Stitch Symbols