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Links for Silver Reed, Knitmaster, Studio, Singer.

USB SilverLink 5 - Connecting to the Carriage.

USB SilverLink 3, USB SilverLink 3 Plus, and Serial SilverLink 3 -Connecting to the PE1 Design Controller.

The SilverLink 5 connects via the Silver Reed curl cord to the main carriage, lace carriage, or the AG50 intarsia carriage on the Silver Reed electronic machines, and also on the Knitmaster 550, 560, and 580 machines. It also connects to a USB port on the computer.

These links all enable downloading of stitch patterns from DesignaKnit to the PE1 memory, and uploading from the PE1 memory to DesignaKnit. Intarsia patterns may be downloaded to the PE1 for knitting with the AG50 carriage.

These links connect DesignaKnit to machines manufactured by Silver Seiko or Knitmaster. We do not currently offer a cable link for the Singer machines manufactured by Superba (however please see the ScreenLink for those machines).

Intarsia knitting with the AG50 carriage is fully supported.

The SilverLink 5 has its own processor and memory and has replaced the earlier SilverLink 1 and 2, which were discontinued because they are unsuitable for recent versions of Windows.

This group of knitting machines do not have any memory, and no separate stage of downloading the pattern is required. The pattern is automatically transferred to the SilverLink memory at the start of interactive knitting.

Silverlink 5

The USB SilverLink 3
connects to the PE1 and
the computer’s USB port.

The USB SilverLink 3 Plus includes the magnet arm and enables Interactive Knitting.

The serial SilverLink 3 connects to the PE1 and the EC1 (or the Knitmaster machine) and the computer’s serial port. It may be used with the USB to Serial Converter for computers that have no serial port.

USB Silverlink 3 Plus Serial Silverlink 3 USB Silverlink 3

The Silver Reed Curl Cord.

If an electronic Silver Reed knitting machine does not have a curl cord, you can buy one from your Silver Reed agent or your DesignaKnit agent. It is required whether you knit using a DesignaKnit cable or not.

Silver Reed curl cord How to Order

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The SK500Ex Adapter

The SilverLink 4 and SilverLink 5 were designed to work with the Silver Reed electronic carriages for the SK830, SK840, SK860, and SK890, and with the older range of Knitmaster 550, 560, and 580 carriages, but not the Knitmaster 500.

The SK500Ex Adapter attaches between the curl cord and the Silverlink, and now enables the Knitmaster 500 carriage to be used from DesignaKnit, just like the other Silver Reed electronic carriages.

SK500Ex Adapter New


The DesignaKnit USB cables and also the USB to serial converter all have the large USB-A type of connector:

Cable link showing USB connector