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Video Tutorials - Original Pattern Drafting

Sit back and enjoy a ride through some of the main features of Original Pattern Drafting.

If a media player is installed on your computer, you will be able to use the pause, rewind, and fast forward controls.

Please click on one tutorial button at a time. Allow some time for the tutorial file to be downloaded.

Creating original garments by modifying standard garments or starting from a square block.

Original Pattern Drafting

Basics of editing garment pieces

Design a modified drop shoulder sweater

Distributing points evenly

Getting started in Original Pattern Drafting

Constructing a sweater from a printed diagram

Integrating pattern pieces with stitch patterns

Enter an external design using background image tracing

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Background Image Copy a schematic Modify Armhole Integrating Distributing points Getting started Basic Editing Logo

Using Construct Slope to create pieces from a hand knit pattern

Construct Slope Grading

Grading a range of garment sizes