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Drivers for Prolific USB to serial converters

This download is not a set of driver files, but an installer program that installs the driver automatically.

Please be sure to follow this sequence:-

1. Disconnect the USB to Serial Converter.

2. Download and run this installer.

3. Restart Windows if requested.

4. Connect the USB to Serial Converter.

This driver is for the older type of DesignaKnit USB to Serial Converter with the Prolific chipset, but not for the newer type that has the FTDI chipset. Please see USB to serial converter models.

Click here for the driver for the newer type.

Download driver installer

Return to :-  Downloads  or  Support

Download alternative driver

If the driver installer doesn’t work, please try the alternative driver. This is a set of driver files that must first be unzipped into a new folder.