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DesignaKnit can be used to make graphic files (bmp, gif, png, tga, tif) that can be input to a range of industrial knitting machines.

In these files, each pixel represents one stitch. Such a file may specify a single repeat of a stitch pattern or a garment shape that has been integrated with a stitch pattern. Additional machine specific information can then be entered at the knitting machine workstation.

DesignaKnit will work with industrial tensions, and garments can be designed with a width of up to 3000 stitches and a length of 3000 rows per piece.

DesignaKnit & Industrial Machines

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Garment piece

Stitch patterns can have up to 2000 stitches and 3000 rows per pattern repeat, and up to 48 yarn colours. The designer has full control over the way stitch patterns are drawn or derived from other graphic sources such as photographs, and the process of combining them and placing on pieces.