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Troubleshooting - Other SilverLink Points

USB SilverLink 3

When uploading or downloading, DesignaKnit will ask you to connect the SilverLink to the PE1 and to the EC1 or machine. The USB SilverLink 3 was designed to obtain its power from the computer’s USB port and it cannot connect to the EC1 or knitting machine. Please ignore the on-screen instruction to connect it to the EC1 or knitting machine.

SilverLink 4 & 5 - Refresh firmware

The firmware is a program which is run by the processor in the SilverLink 4 or 5. Occasionally a SilverLink stops working and needs to have the firmware replaced before it will work again.

Before trying to update the firmware, check that the port number entered in Knitting Machine Setup is correct. If Find Link isn’t working, use Device Manager to find the port - click here for instructions.

1. Power off the SilverLink, wait a few seconds, and then power on.

2. Go to Interactive Knitting and press Esc to remove the opening dialogue.

3. Select Options / Knitting machine, and with a Silver Reed electronic machine highlighted, select Setup.

4. Make sure the correct type of link (SilverLink 4 or 5) is selected in the drop-down list at the top left of the Knitting Machine Setup window.

5. Click the Refresh Firmware button and wait until the process completes. For a SilverLink 4 it can take some minutes.

6. Power off the SilverLink, wait a few seconds, and then power on. The firmware update is now complete.

7. Use the “Find Link” button to see whether the link can now be detected by DesignaKnit.

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Cable Link Manuals

The latest versions of the DesignaKnit cable link manuals are available here.