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         DK8 System Requirements

    Lace Tool

    Cable Links

         Cable Links - Silver Reed

         Cable Links - Brother

         Cable Links - Passap

         Cable Links - Screenlink

         Magnet Arm

         USB Converter

     Fittingly Sew

         Fittingly Sew - Slopers & Templates

         Fittingly Sew - Drafting Tools

         Fittingly Sew - Fabrics

              Fabrics - Digital Fabric Printing

              Fabrics - Model Making

              Fabrics - Using Your Existing Stock

How to Order

    Price Lists

         ( Please do not use the following price lists without first reading How to Order )

         Price List - Software (EU)

         Price List - Software (Non-EU)

         Price List - SilverLinks (EU)

         Price List - SilverLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - BrotherLinks (EU)

         Price List - BrotherLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - Passap Links (EU)

         Price List - Passap Links (Non-EU)

         Price List - ScreenLinks (EU)

         Price List - ScreenLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - Other Items (EU)

         Price List - Other Items (Non-EU)

          DesignaKnit 8 Licence Agreement

         Fittingly Sew 1.2 Licence Agreement


    DesignaKnit 8 Demo

    DesignaKnit 8 - Video Tutorials

         DK8 Tutorials - Standard Garment Styling

         DK8 Tutorials - Original Pattern Drafting

         DK8 Tutorials - Stitch Designer

         DK8 Tutorials - Interactive Knitting  

         DK8 Tutorials - Graphics Studio  

    DesignaKnit 8 Maintenance Updates

    DesignaKnit 7 Maintenance Updates

         DK7  Pro Updates

         DK7  Std Updates

         DK7  Concept Updates

    Fittingly Sew 1.2 Maintenance Updates

    Cable Links Driver

    USB Converter Driver


    Using Gallery Downloads

         White poncho

         Knitweave jacket

          Passap tuck jacket

         Prince of Wales jacket

         3-colour double bed jacket

         Full needle rib jacket

         Grey bolero with tie

         Knit woven bolero

         Petal sleeve bolero

         Diagonal pintuck sweater

         5 x 2 ribbed cardigan

         Ski underwear suit

         Baby jacket



    DesignaKnit 8 & Windows 8 - Update Available

    Windows 16-Bit Error Message

    DK7 & FS1.2 Compatibility with Windows

    Cable Link Troubleshooting

         Port not Available

         Excluded Cables

         Using Find Link

         Using Device Manager to Find a Port Number

         Driver Installation Problems

         Updating the Driver

         Changing the Windows Port Number

         USB to Serial Converter Models

         Using a true serial port

         Cable Specific Troubleshooting Points

              Mispatterning with SilverLinks

              Carriage Direction Errors with SilverLinks

              Other SilverLink Points

              Uploading & Downloading with BrotherLinks

              Interactive Knitting with Brother/Passap/ScreenLinks

              Downloading with Passap Links


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