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         DK8 System Requirements

    Lace Tool

    Cable Links

         Cable Links - Silver Reed

         Cable Links - Brother

         Cable Links - Passap

         Cable Links - Screenlink

         Magnet Arm

         USB Converter

     Fittingly Sew

         Fittingly Sew - Slopers & Templates

         Fittingly Sew - Drafting Tools

         Fittingly Sew - Fabrics

              Fabrics - Digital Fabric Printing

              Fabrics - Model Making

              Fabrics - Using Your Existing Stock

How to Order

    Price Lists

         ( Please do not use the following price lists without first reading How to Order )

         Price List - Software (EU)

         Price List - Software (Non-EU)

         Price List - SilverLinks (EU)

         Price List - SilverLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - BrotherLinks (EU)

         Price List - BrotherLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - Passap Links (EU)

         Price List - Passap Links (Non-EU)

         Price List - ScreenLinks (EU)

         Price List - ScreenLinks (Non-EU)

         Price List - Other Items (EU)

         Price List - Other Items (Non-EU)

          DesignaKnit 8 Licence Agreement

         Fittingly Sew 2 Licence Agreement


    DesignaKnit 8 Demo

    DesignaKnit 8 - Video Tutorials

         DK8 Tutorials - Standard Garment Styling

         DK8 Tutorials - Original Pattern Drafting

         DK8 Tutorials - Stitch Designer

         DK8 Tutorials - Interactive Knitting  

         DK8 Tutorials - Graphics Studio  

    DesignaKnit 8 Maintenance Updates

    DesignaKnit 7 Maintenance Updates

         DK7  Pro Updates

         DK7  Std Updates

         DK7  Concept Updates

    Fittingly Sew 1 Maintenance Updates

    Fittingly Sew 2 Maintenance Updates

    Cable Links Driver

    USB Converter Driver


    Using Gallery Downloads

         White poncho

         Knitweave jacket

          Passap tuck jacket

         Prince of Wales jacket

         3-colour double bed jacket

         Full needle rib jacket

         Grey bolero with tie

         Knit woven bolero

         Petal sleeve bolero

         Diagonal pintuck sweater

         5 x 2 ribbed cardigan

         Ski underwear suit

         Baby jacket



    DesignaKnit 8 & Windows 8 - Update Available

    Windows 16-Bit Error Message

    DK7 & FS1.2 Compatibility with Windows

    Cable Link Troubleshooting

         Port not Available

         Excluded Cables

         Using Find Link

         Using Device Manager to Find a Port Number

         Driver Installation Problems

         Updating the Driver

         Changing the Windows Port Number

         USB to Serial Converter Models

         Using a true serial port

         Cable Specific Troubleshooting Points

              Mispatterning with SilverLinks

              Carriage Direction Errors with SilverLinks

              Other SilverLink Points

              Uploading & Downloading with BrotherLinks

              Interactive Knitting with Brother/Passap/ScreenLinks

              Downloading with Passap Links


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