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Driver for USB cable links & for FTDI USB converter

This download is not a set of driver files, but is an installer program that installs the driver automatically.

Please be sure to follow this sequence:-

1. Disconnect all DesignaKnit Cable Links.

2. Download and run this installer.

3. Restart Windows if requested.

4. Connect the Cable Link(s).

If DesignaKnit is not installed on this computer, then after downloading, save the file onto removable media such as a memory stick or CD. Transfer it to the computer that DesignaKnit is installed on and run it from there.

This driver is for the following USB links:

USB SilverLinks 3, 4 and 5.
USB BrotherLinks 1, 3, and 5.
USB E6000Links 1 and 2.
USB E8000Links 1 and 2.
USB ScreenLink.

USB to serial converters:

This driver is also suitable for the newer type of DesignaKnit USB to Serial Converter with the FTDI chipset, but not for the older type that has the Prolific chipset. Please see USB to serial converter models.

The driver for the older type is available here.

Download now

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Windows 10 users: Microsoft Edge or Windows Smartscreen may tell you that the security certificate for the downloaded file is corrupt or invalid. Please do not be alarmed: the download is safe. Examining the downloaded file with File Explorer will show that the certificate is ok.

If your browser is out of date, it may fail to detect a newer type of security certificate and wrongly advise you that there is a problem with the downloaded file’s certificate.

When a DesignaKnit cable link or USB converter is attached to a computer for the first time, the driver is usually installed automatically from the internet. The download available on this page is intended to help solve driver problems where the normal installation didn’t work.

However a driver was installed, the normal procedure for updating it can be found here and it should not need to be updated from this page.