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Video Tutorials - Original Pattern Drafting

Sit back and enjoy a ride through some of the main features of Original Pattern Drafting.

If a media player is installed on your computer, you will be able to use the pause, rewind, and fast forward controls.

Please click on one tutorial button at a time. Allow some time for the tutorial file to be downloaded.

Creating original garments by modifying standard garments or starting from a square block.

Original Pattern Drafting

Basics of editing garment pieces

Design a modified drop shoulder sweater

Distributing points evenly

Getting started in Original Pattern Drafting

Constructing a sweater from a printed diagram

Integrating pattern pieces with stitch patterns

Enter an external design using background image tracing

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Background Image Copy a schematic Modify Armhole Integrating Distributing points Getting started Basic Editing Logo

Using Construct Slope to create pieces from a hand knit pattern

Exact Stitch Layout Piece Table Diagonals & Curves Construct Slope Grading Merge, Add, Subtract


These video tutorials are coming soon.

Please reload this page from time to time to see if they are ready yet. Windows computer users can do that by pressing the F5 key.

Grading a range of garment sizes